Benefits Of Buying Recycled Products

Recycled products are products made wholly or in part from materials recovered or kept from the waste stream. Many recycled products are not 100% made of recovered materials and therefore should be accurately referred to as Recycled Content Products (RCPs). Such products include: recycled paper, plastic lumber and refilled printer cartridges usually known as eco plastic wood. There are benefits from buying recycled products.

Benefits Of Buying Recycled Products

It Saves Natural Resources

By producing and buying pnatureroducts made from recycled products instead of raw materials, you help conserve land as well as decrease the need to dig for minerals, drill for essential oil and harvest trees. If used materials are not recycled, more new goods are produced by exploiting virgin natural resources from the earth through mining and forestry. But when you use recycled materials, you help preserve natural resources for the future generations.

It Saves Energy

Recycling products require less energy than manufacturing new products from virgin materials even when all associated costs like transportation are evaluated. For instance, it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it takes to generate raw aluminum from bauxite ore.

It Saves Landfill Space

Recycling products ensure that waste materials will not go into landfills. This saves a lot of landfill space, up to (8 cubic feet or 2.5 yards) of landfills.

Helps Have Clean Air And Water

By recycling old and waste products into new ones, the amount of water waste that goes to landfills is reduced. This also helps to reduce land and water pollution. It also minimizes the total amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere during resource acquisition, processing, manufacturing and even transportation.

It Creates Jobs And Save Money

According to research carried out by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), there are twenty-five job vacancies in recycling-based producers and ten job vacancies in recycling processing for every single job at a landfill. This means that recycling creates more job opportunities than incinerators do and that recycling may be the most efficient and least costly technique to manage waste products.

Facts about recycling products

Each case of Recycled Content Products (RCPs)or wholly recycled products saves:
• 17 treesfacts
• 390 gallons of oil
• 7000 gallons of water
• 4100 kWh of energy
• Eliminates 60 pounds of emissions that pollute the air
• Eight cubic feet or (2.5 yards) of landfill.

It is clearly evident that recycling old, used and waste products ultimately reduces human dependency on landfills, conserves natural resources, reduces pollution and promotes job market. The survival of coming the economy, as well as generations, relies on these factors. It is thus the responsibility of each and government to participate in programs aimed at promoting recycling and buying of recycled product.