Music Box

We all remember music boxes. Turn a handle and out comes a tune. With the DIY music box it‘s now possible to play various tunes using punched strips of paper. The strips work a bit like a sheet of music. This means you can put your own compositions to paper, punch them out and play them. The results are great fun!

In our first Song we used the 20 Notes Music Box available online from Grand Illusions. Then we ordered the bigger music box with 30 notes, to have more possibilities. The 30 Notes Music Box, is also available online from Grand Illusions.

Music box SALSA

Our Salsa-Songs on the Music Box:

In the Spring edition 2013 we presented "JULIANA" by DLG / Cuco Valoy on the 30-notes music box.

In the Winter edition 2012 we presented "MALAGUEÑA" by Tino Rodriquez on the 30-notes music box.


In the Fall edition 2012 we presented "CONGA" by Gloria Estefan / Miami Sound Machine on the new and bigger Music Box with 30 notes.



In the Spring edition 2012 we presented "CASTELLANO" by Oscar D'León on our smaller Music Box which had only 20 notes.



Pablo Andres Rojas

Pablo Andres Rojas

The musician responsible for our fun is the pianist and piano teacher Pablo Andrés Rojas, born in Pasto, Colombia..

He has lived and worked in Vienna since 1996. In addition to giving concerts as a classical pianist, and making guest appearances as a soloist with both the Colombian Symphony Orchestra and the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra (Mexico), Pablo is a long-term member of several Latin American combos. Furthermore, he and the Argentinian singer Paula Barembuem together form an incredibly sensitive and lyrical tango duo.