Fraser River Salmon Fishing Tips: An Angler’s Guide

Without a doubt, the Fraser River remains one of the most abundant salmon fishing destinations on the planet. Avid anglers from across the globe choose this river because of its great size, geographical uniqueness and the calmness of its flow. This massive river stretches to over 1000 miles and is home to some five species of salmon. However, you must remember the following tips if you want a truly rewarding fishing expedition:

Fraser River Salmon Fishing Tips

Schedule your trip between June and Novemberhand holding a fish

Experienced anglers recommend June and November as the best months for a fishing expedition on the Fraser River. These are the times of the year when the various species of salmon are in abundance. Besides, the volume of the river usually drops gradually from June towards November. The drop in volume exposes numerous gravel bars that are fishing spots. Scheduling your expedition before or after this period might frustrate your expectations in every respect.

Go fishing on a jet boat

A jet boat is regarded as the ideal fishing vessel on the Fraser River. The main reason is that a jet boat enhances greater access to most parts of the river. Salmon fishes have a habit of hiding and breeding in some of the trickiest pockets of the river. The unique design of the jet boat gives it the double advantage of flexibility and maneuverability. The jet boat allows you to reach very narrow spaces and negotiate tight corners. Such tight spots are known for their great abundance of salmon. Bigger vessels are bound to limit your access to such areas.

Fish Between Chilliwack and Hope areas.

fishExperience has taught many avid fishermen that the best fishing area in the Fraser River lies between the Chilliwack and Hope area. This vast area spans nearly 50 miles in length and is home to an enormous population of salmon. Credible estimates indicate that the area holds between 15 million to 50 million salmon during the high fishing season. Salmon linger in the area on their regular migratory and feeding patterns. You might want to explore other places, but this area is undoubtedly rich.

Always prioritize your safety.

A great fishing trip should not be a hazard in any way. Remember to carry your life jacket and always confirm with credible weather forecasts whether the river is safe on your chosen day. Let somebody know your float plan and the length of time you intend to be out fishing. Above all, use your instincts or Fraser river salmon fishing to ascertain whether it is safe to be in the waters. Salmon fishing is always a rewarding experience if done with sufficient caution.