Planning a good workout routine (2)

Planning a good workout routine

Many fitness experts, including The CDC, advocate for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical training every week. On a typical work week, this may quickly turn into an extremely difficult target. However, women’s fitness workout routines should be able to work around a busy work schedule and allocate time for cardio, flexibility and strength training activities.

  • Cardio Exercises.

Cardio exercises will get your heart racing and burning more fat, leaving you with a lean figure. A good workout routine can include the following cardio exercises.

  • Squat to overheard press.

This requires a pair of dumbbells. With the dumbbells at your shoulders, squat while pushing your hips back. Maintain your chest at an upright position and push your body up into a standing position. Extend your arms to bring the dumbbells above your head. Then start the exercise again.

  • Alternating capoeira reverse lunge.

This activity does not require any equipment and can be accomplished at the comfort of your office. Initial position is a squat. While maintaining your feet at your hip width and arms in front of your chest, lower into a racer’s pose with just one arm on the floor. Swing the free arm to your chest and switch the legs. Repeat this motion a couple of times.

  • Flexibility Exercises.

Flexibility can easily be attained through simple stretches that can be performed at any place. It does not require any special equipment. Simple stretches include; The runner’s stretch, the famous standing side stretch, the forward hang which involves leaning forward with your arms in arrest position and swinging these hands above your head and finally the seated back twist. These stretches are easy and will least likely end up in tendon tears as experienced in many advanced stretches. You can try adjusting these stretches to best fit your needs.

  • Strength Training Exercises.

Planning a good workout routine (3)Strength training has its pitfalls. Most exercises rely on the body’s flexibility as well as learning ability. It is always important to establish a soreness threshold before embarking on any strength training exercise. Calisthenics, more often than not, offers the best solution for strength training. It allows the body to master its own weight before including external weights to the equation. Typical calisthenics exercises include; push ups, inverted rows which basically are reverse push ups and sit-ups.

In conclusion, with the above exercises in mind, coming up with easy women’s fitness workout routines should be quite easy. The only caveat will be time allocation. You can solve this by taking off some 10 to 15 minutes off your lunch break or getting to the office half an hour earlier and using this freed up time for tour fitness routines.

It is advisable to approach fitness with the same professionalism as you would your job.