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Summer Edition 2013 - CONTENT: Review: ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL | City Portrait ROM | Star Portrait EDDIE PALMIERI | 3 Salsa Moves: LADIES STYLING by OLESYA, PARTNERWORK ON2 by Marchant+Davina, PARTNERWORK ON1 by Gil+Shelley | Success Story: MARLOW ROSADO - Grammy Winner 2013 | DJ Portrait DJ TONI | Concert Tips | Festival Calendar | Snap Shots | Fashion | Weird and Wonderful | and more. Spring Edition 2013 - CONTENT: City Portrait MUNICH | Star Portrait FRANKIE NEGRON | Salsa Move: FOOTWORK (by Jose Diaz) | Band Portrait PMO | DJ Portrait HENRY KNOWLES | Music Box JULIANA  Winter Edition 2012 - CONTENT: City Portrait JAKARTA | Star Portrait LUIS ENRIQUE | Salsa Move 1: NEERAJ MASKARA (Salsa Bollywood) | Salsa Move 2:  Kaytee (Partnerwork) | Festival Review BERLIN SALSACONGRESS | Music Box LA MALAGUENA  Summer Edition 2012 - CONTENT: City Portrait BERLIN | Star Portrait GILBERTO SANTA ROSA | Salsa Move EDDIE TORRES (On2) | Salsa Business MARCHANT and DAVINA BIRCH | Festival Review MAMBO CITY 5STAR CONGRESS  SUMMER 2012 Spring Edition 2012 - CONTENT: City Portrait BARCELONA | Star Portrait WILLIE COLON | Salsa Move ADRIAN Y ANITA (On1) | Bachata Move ATACA Y LA ALEMANA (Island Touch) | Music Box CASTELLANO von Oscar D'Leon | Hanging out with BLOQUE 53

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More than two years ago we made our dream come true: the independence of having our own magazine exactly the way we wanted it, a window to the world of salsa which is free of charge for everyone, a platform for all those fantastic dancers in the world whose names many still do not know, a platform to give young bands the chance to reach a wider audience, sharing a little knowledge about this wonderful music and its stars, providing a little entertainment – we wanted to offer so much. After two years we must reluctantly concede that it’s costing us money, advertising sales are running poorly and the number of readers has stagnated (obviously, we don’t have the money for marketing and advertising ourselves) – financially we are simply not able to carry the magazine any longer.

With a warm feeling in my heart, I look back on all of the wonderful moments our work has given us – the many really great festivals we attended, our adventures in the cities we travelled to, the wonderful conversations we’ve had with dancers and musicians from around the world, the moments of musical ecstasy, for example when an entire salsa orchestra played just for us in a restaurant. With these thoughts the tears start rolling down my face.


All that remains now is to apologise to you, dear readers. This magazine will no longer be free of charge, something which totally goes against our principles but we have to get out of the red somehow. It was definitely worth a try and we don’t regret it for a second. The back issue magazines will remain online, but from now on there will be a charge and for the time being there will be no new issues.



And now that I'm feeling so sentimental, I would like to express my thanks to everyone, most of all to you, our readers. You’ve sent us your ideas and your suggestions for improvements. You were not some passive anonymous mass; far from it – you were right there with us and helped us to shape the magazine, motivating us to continue with your words of support.

I would also like to thank VALENTIN BEHRINGER. He gave life to the magazine with his pictures. Without his images it would not be what it is: the SALSA MAG. That’s why my wish for this unbelievably talented photographer is THAT HE GETS WELL PAYING JOBS, that his talent will continue to be used and respected.

My next heartfelt thanks go to JEANNINE LUTHIEN and KERSTIN FOX, two fantastic people, two friends who I've grown very close to, who I can depend on anytime with anything for any reason. They checked, improved and corrected every single line that I’ve written. Kerstin Fox – a gifted editor with an enormous talent for writing. As I see it, she helped me out of a pickle more than once with her articles. For those of you who’d like to read more of her work, check out her new blog (german): EIN RUDEL FREUNDE (TRANSLATION: A PACK OF FRIENDS). And in case anyone is looking to purchase a property in Berlin, then you’ll be in good hands with the best real estate agent in the world: Jeannine Luthien, j.luthien(at)

THANK YOU ALL! xxx Gesine Aguilar Paz





What is SALSA MAG?

SALSA can be so many things: a sauce with a myriad different flavours or a collective term for music and dance that blends various rhythms, styles and genres. So our topics need presenting from the widest possible range of angles. SALSA MAG is much more than just music and dance – it covers the salsa scene in all its many incarnations. We guide you through the world of salsa with interviews, portraits and features.

Web links, photo galleries, videos and audio clips supplement the features and photos. And then there are the themed YouTube playlists we’ve compiled for you.

Salsa MAG is published four times a year – in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. As the original is written in German, the international version is a translation. We hope you like it.



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